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Pacers offseason update #3: don’t go, Roy!

The Pacers’ offseason has gotten off to a rocky start.

First of all, Roy Hibbert got a max contract offer from the Portland Trailblazers — $58 million for 4 years. Frankly, that stinks.  Not because Roy is likely to leave Indiana because I doubt the Pacers would allow that to happen, but because it means the Pacers will now likely have to offer Roy a similar contract (they can offer as much as $79 million over 5 years), which will take a significant chunk out of the team’s cap and its ability to pursue other free agents. And we all know that Roy, as much as he has improved, as rare as he is, and as popular as he is with the Indiana fans, is NOT a max contract player.

Roy wants to stay in Indiana, but reports say he is “leaning” towards accepting the Blazers’ offer, meaning the Pacers would have 3 days to match it if they want to keep the 7’2″ big man. That’s likely just a tactic from Roy’s agent, who wants to maximize Roy’s earnings. I don’t think they intend to go to Portland. They just want to force Indiana to give him a max contract. It’s a murky area. I mean, everyone will say Roy’s contract will kill the Pacers’ financial flexibility, but wouldn’t you do the same if you were in his position?

Secondly, the Pacers have not been mentioned as a team in the running for Deron Williams or Steve Nash. They never had much of a chance anyway, but the lack of being mentioned at all has gotta hurt.

On the bright side, Eric Gordon has reportedly agreed to meet with the Pacers, but I won’t read too much into it. With Anthony Davis and a massive contract awaiting him in New Orleans, why would he want to bolt?

The other big piece of news is that George Hill has apparently signed a 5-year deal for an unspecified amount. Hill is hardly the team’s savior, but he’s darn valauble.

The truth is, I’m disappointed. We have been hearing about what a great position the Pacers are in, with so much “financial flexibility” and cap room to play with. And all we’ve done so far is sign George Hill and struggle to sign Roy Hibbert, guys we already have. No big names. No David Wests this year. Sucks being a small market team, I guess.