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Pacers’ offseason update #5: is there anyone left?

Still no moves from the Pacers in this crazy offseason.

Steve Nash makes the Lakers contenders once again in the West. Ray Allen makes the Heat favorites again in the East. Native son Eric Gordon says he wants to go to Phoenix; New Orleans intends to match. Jason Kidd goes to New York, making them potentially dangerous again. Jeremy Lin has signed the Rockets’ offer sheet, but New York might match. Jeff Green has reportedly agreed to sign with the Celtics again after heart surgery. The Clippers get Jamal Crawford. Brandon Roy has apparently agreed to head to the Timberwolves. Nic Batum might follow him. Kyle Lowry is reportedly on the verge of signing with the Raptors.

What do all of these offseason movements have in common? They have nothing to do with the Indiana Pacers!

The question now is: is there anyone left out on the market for the Pacers to consider?

Maybe, but first things first. They need to retain Roy Hibbert. With other teams getting stronger (especially in the East), the Pacers can’t be content with staying pat. Yes, they are young and will improve, but I’m not sure that’s enough to keep them from taking a step back.

Chris Kaman could still be possible, regardless of whether Hibbert stays. OJ Mayo is still a possibility (and will probably decide whether they re-sign Barbosa). George Hill is trying to recruit local boy Courtney Lee back to Indiana. And…that’s about it. Not jumping up and down over these names, but something is better than nothing. The Pacers need to get to work.

Oh, by the way, George Hill’s new five-year contract was for $8 mill a year. They are overpaying him now, but if he keeps improving they might be underpaying him by the end of the contract. That’s my personaly wish, anyway.

And for some reason Brian Shaw just can’t get a head coaching gig anywhere in the NBA. He looks like he might stay another year in Indy, which is probably the best news the Pacers have had this entire offseason.