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Pacers pick up Rush for another year

The Indiana Pacers obviously see something in Brandon Rush.

Despite not having come close to living up to expectations as the 13th pick of the draft from 3 years ago and having been suspended for 5 games for drug violation to start off the season, the Pacers thought it fit to pick up Rush’s option to extend his contract for another year, meaning unless traded, he’ll be a Pacer until at least the end of next season.

Another bold move by the front office, considering they signed Lance Stephenson, who later fell into serious legal trouble for allegedly bashing his ex-girlfriend, and they released Magnum Rolle, a second round pick they said would be a Pacer for a long time.

I think Rush has talent, but why do something that will seem like rewarding him when he’s still on suspension for drug use?  Don’t they realize how thin the ice is with fans right now?

Hopefully this will ignite the fire in Rush (and not his bong) and he will come out of his suspension like we’ve never seen him before — in a good way.  But I just worry that this extension will allow him to remain lost for yet another year.