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Pacers reportedly will trade Rush for Amundson

Whoa!  And you thought the Pacers were never going to get rid of Brandon Rush.

Although this has not yet been finalized, various reports around the league are whispering that the Pacers have either agreed to are are very close to agreeing to swapping Brandon Rush for the Warrior’s Lou Amundson.

Though it’s not fair to take pot shots at his single preseason performance yesterday, Rush did look very much like the exact same player he has been for the past three years (ie, not very good).  That, coupled with the drug suspensions and the Twitter incident (in which homophobic comments were tweeted during a heated exchange with a fan — Rush claims his account was “definitely” hacked), plus the Pacers’ overloaded wing position, meant that Rush was going to be on the way out sooner than later.

Now it looks it it will be soon (hopefully).

What about the player the Pacers will get in return?  Amundson is not a household name but NBA fans will remember him as the guy (when he was in Phoenix) who was decked by Zach Randolph and lived to tell the tale.  He’s no superstar (6’9″, career averages of 4.1 points, 3.7 rebounds), but Amundson will provide another much-needed big body and a never-back-down attitude.