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Pacers smash Heat for 2-1 lead

Well that was unexpected. I thought the Heat, after playing like dung in game 2, would have come out and smoked Indiana at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. Now, I’m either giving the Heat too much credit or I’m underestimating this Pacers team, because they just came out and smoked the Heat, 94-75, for a 2-1 series lead.

The Pacers, again, broke open a tight game in the third quarter, outscoring the Heat 26-12, before cruising on to an easy win.

Some observations:

  • George Hill top scored with 20, but it was Roy Hibbert that dominated with a sick 19 points, 18 rebounds and 5 blocks. He was a beast tonight.
  • Speaking of beasts, David West didn’t shoot well but had 14 and 9. Granger had 17 and 7 on 6-15 shooting, which is pretty good for him.
  • The Heat went with Shane Battier and Dexter Pittman in the starting lineup. Big mistake. Battier went 0-7 and scored a big ZERO, and Pittman did the same in 3 minutes of scintillating play.
  • D-Wade should have been suspended for his cheap shot on Darren Collison in game 2 but didn’t, but karma prevailed tonight as Wade put up a pathetic 5 points on 2-13 shooting. Sucked in. I’d like to think Paul George’s defense had something to do with it. George had 9 points, by the way.
  • Speaking of Wade, he had a heated confrontation (pun intended) with coach Spoelstra when the Heat were getting hammered in the second half. He got into the coach’s face and had to be separated by Juwan Howard and other veterans. The scariest thing was watching an uncomfortable Spoelstra back away and then pretend nothing happened. Shows the guy either has no balls or that he knows Wade owns him.
  • Granger grabbed Lebron’s jersey on a breakaway. Lebron retaliated with another elbow. Granger got into his face. Got a technical. Lebron missed the free throw. Lance Stephenson does the choke sign. Gold.

Game 4 on Sunday. The Heat will probably come out strong and blow the Pacers off the court. Then again, that’s what I thought last game. Maybe the Heat really miss Chris Bosh. Maybe Lebron is tired from playing PF. Maybe D-Wade is getting old. Maybe the Pacers are getting into their heads. Maybe Spoelstra doesn’t have control of his superstars. Who cares. The Pacers are, inexplicably, in control of the series, and if they can win on Sunday it’s going to get very interesting.