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Pacers smashed by Lakers, look to get back on track against Cavs

This recap comes a little late, but it was tiring always posting about Pacers losses to superior teams.  And they don’t get much more superior than the two-time defending champs, who were out for revenge after the Pacers stunned them at Staples earlier in the season.  The result was another drubbing that saw the margin expand to 20+ points.  The Lakers were on their game, the Pacers were ugly.  Final score, 109-94.

That early season swagger is well and truly gone now after 3 straight losses and losing 6 out of their last 8.  Luckily, 11-13 isn’t all that bad, and they have a chance to get back on track tonight against the struggling Cleveland Cavaliers, whom they’ve already beaten twice this season.

The Pacers will need to treat this one as a MUST WIN, considering they then go on to Boston to face the streaking Celtics, play New Orleans and Memphis at home (winnable but tough), then Boston again at home.  Assuming the Pacers beat the Cavs, they’ll still need to go 2-2 during this stretch to keep their record respectable.  If they go 0-4, the season could quickly spiral down to a repeat of last season.

So come on Pacers!