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Pacers splutter against Knicks

Not much to say other than…well, let’s just say I didn’t even both finishing the game. It was one of those nights where the team just looked out of sorts and lacked energy and didn’t defend and couldn’t hit open shots or free throws and kept getting blocked at the rim. The Knicks busted the Pacers’ horrendous defense wide open from the first quarter and cruised to a 115-100 victory that really should have been a 30-40 point difference (it was 30 at the end of three) but for the extended garbage time.

Good for Linsanity and the Knicks and new head coach Mike Woodson, whose facial hair resembles a rug made of pubes. Back to the drawing board for the Pacers, who have reverted to the Jekyll and Hyde mode we’re so used to seeing.

It could be good or it could be bad news — either way the Pacers play the Knicks again, tomorrow, in Indiana this time. Maybe they can return the favor. Will new recruit Leandro Barbosa make his debut?