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Pacers thump Bobcats, finally

THIS is the kind of win the Pacers have been looking forward to against the Bobcats. After a heartbreaking 1-point loss in the second game of the season and a tough-fought home win a few nights ago (that required a David West triple-double), the Pacers finally got their act together to overpower the Bobcats in an impressive 103-76 thumping.

Apart from a brief stretch from the end of the first quarter to the first few minutes of the second, the Pacers dominated their opponents at both ends of the floor. They almost doubled the Bobcat's rebound total (60-31), blocked 9 shots, and assisted on 25 of their 36 field goals.

Roy Hibbert had 18 points, hitting all 8 of his free throw attempts, while Paul George had 16 and 10, George Hill had 16 , and David West had 15. It was a solid win against a bad team, and the road will unfortunately get much tougher from here on.

The Central leading, 25-14 Pacers play the Magic in Orlando tomorrow night. It will be a good time to stock up on wins too, because they will next face the Rockets (who are slumping but lethal because of Harden) at home before embarking on a nasty four-game road trip out West.