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Pacers vomit all over themselves in loss to Mavs

Hey, let's go into the All-Star break with some momentum! The Mavs are playing in the second night of a back-to-back and they just got slaughtered by the Bobcats. The Pacers have only lost at home twice all season. Oops…had.

The entire Pacers team came out and laid a big fat egg tonight and lost their most putrid, infuriating game of the season, 81-73. You look at their performance tonight and wonder to yourself how this team could have the best record in the league and be considered a contender. The defense was OK, but the offense was non-existent and the sloppy turnovers got worse.

The numbers speak for themselves. 32% shooting. 16 turnovers. 11 points in the final quarter after leading by 2 at the end of the third. Ironically, both Paul George and Roy Hibbert have not looked like All-Stars for quite some time now. George was 4-17 for 12 points, and Hibbert had 4 points on 2-6 shots. Lance Stephenson had 13 and 10 but made a handful of boneheaded mistakes. George Hill led the team with 14 but was sloppy and hesitant at both ends. David West (12 points) committed some silly fouls, and prized pickup Luis Scola had 0 points on 5 shots. Ian Mahinmi missed an embarrassing dunk. The only bright spot was Danny Granger, who had 13 points and kept the Pacers in the game during the first half.

Just a forgettable night, and the Pacers will have a long time to wash the bad taste out of their collective mouths as we head into the break.

PS: You've got to wonder whether the pregnant stripper stories are getting to Paul George. His game has been OFF.