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Pistons become the Pacers’ whipping boys

In a season as horrible as this one, it’s good to see the Indiana Pacers at least have a team to whip.  And no team is more fitting than the Detroit Pistons, the main reason for the Pacers’ demise over the last few years.

The Pacers ended their 9-game road skid by beating the Pistons 98-83, officially eliminating Detroit from the playoffs and sweeping the season series.

Granger had 32 points, Murphy had 10 and 12, Rush had 20, Dunleavy had 13, and Watson had 13 asssists.

For the first time this season (since maybe the 5-game streak at the very beginning), it looks like the Pacers are hitting their stride.  Granger is playing well, Murphy back to being a solid double-double machine, Rush and Hibbert are playing with more confidence, Earl Watson is making timely passes, and Mike Dunleavy and Dahntay Jones are providing sparks off the bench.  Unfortunately, this is the WRONG time to be winning!

The Pacers are now 25-46 and have somehow managed to crawl from the 14th spot in the East to the 11th.  Well done guys.  When every other cellar dwelling team is tanking for the future, the Pacers are fighting for pride, and a crappy draft pick.  Again.