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Preview: Pacers v Heat

First Jarrett Jack.  Now it’s time to show Jermaine O’Neal what he’s missing out on in Indiana.

Sure, he has Dwayne Wade on his team and unlike the Pacers, the Heat are one game above 0.500 at 20-19 and are close to being a lock for the playoffs.

Do the Pacers have a chance against the Heat, who most recently lost to the Oklahoma City Thunder?  I believe so.

Yes, they lost by 34 points when the teams met on December 27th.  Yes, the Pacers have only won four games on the road all season (and two of them came against the lowly New Jersey Nets).  But ladies and gentlemen, this is a brand new team.

If just two out of Granger, Murphy, Dunleavy and Hibbert have good games, AND the Pacers can slow Dwayne Wade into a sub-par game, there’s no way the Pacers can’t win…right?