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Seriously, aren’t there any decent trades out there for the Pacers?

Okay, so the March 15 trade deadline is coming up and the Pacers have been at the forefront of some rumors. 

The list of candidates, as of now, are New Orleans big man Chris Kaman, Blazers swingman Jamal Crawford, Grizzlies swingman OJ Mayo, Wolves tweener Michael Beasley, Bobcats center Boris Diaw and former Pacer Stephen Jackson.

While all of these guys present something positive for the Pacers, none of them look real likely at the moment. And none of them would give the Pacers something that would allow them to compete with the likes of Miami and Chicago. Seriously, I know Indiana is not the most enviable location for marque players, but isn’t there someone the Pacers can get with all that cap space?

Kaman has been decent since returning to the Hornets lineup, and he will provide a big body to back up Hibbert and David West. Hansbrough has been awful, Foster is always hurt and Amundson and Pendergraph are…well, let’s not go there. I’d say he’d be a good addition, but if the Pacers have to give up a first round draft pick in next year’s loaded draft, would that be worth it?

The other big man is Boris Diaw, who is long but is supposedly only 6’8″ and out of shape. He has tremendous passing skill and is versatile when he tries, but maybe he’s too far gone to have an impact on the team this season.

Jamal Crawford and OJ Mayo are guys the team could use as they don’t have many guys that can create their own shot and provided a much needed basket when the offense becomes stagnant. But both are volume shooters and they would take away both shots and minutes away from guys like Paul George and George Hill.

There are reports that Portland is asking for AJ Price and a first round pick, but perhaps that is asking for too much, especially as Crawford is a free agent soon and it will probably be a short term rental. OJ Mayo is someone the Pacers had been after before and almost got a couple of times but things kept falling through, so unless something changes it doesn’t look like he’ll be coming this way.

Last, but not least, Beasley and Jax, two talented SFs who can be unstoppable at times. But both are knuckleheads and it’s highly doubtful that Bird would want either after finally purging the team of questionable character guys (one of which was Jackson) after the brawl.

I say the Pacers stay put for now. Go after a real game changer in the offseason.