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Trade Deadline approaches…

The Feb 18 NBA Trade Deadline is almost upon us, but there have been almost no whispers of a deal involving the Indiana Pacers.

Curious, considering the Pacers need help.  Badly.

I prepared this article on Bleacher Report on the Pacers’ trade deadline options.  In short, there are no options.  We had a Murphy trade for Ilgauskas (for that juicy expiring contract) that went down because the Pacers also wanted Hickson and draft picks.  We had a Granger for Jefferson trade that got shot down quickly by the Pacers.  There was a Jeff Foster for Ty Lawson rumor that got put to sleep with Jeff’s season ending back surgery.  And no one wants TJ Ford.

Larry Bird recently said to ESPN (article here) that the Pacers’ rebuilding is on track.  Hang on, since when were we rebuilding?  I thought we were just fixing bits and pieces up and getting playoff experience.  Did I remember incorrectly? 

Importantly, Bird said that the action will move into high gear AFTER next season (ie end of 2011 season), when the books will free up and the Pacers will have serious money to play with.  In other words, don’t expect the Pacers to be any better until then.