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Update: Larry Legend wants to return, Shaw talks to Bobcats

As the NBA’s final four teams slug it out, the Pacers have not been without news.

Despite rumors that Larry Bird was going to step down as team president this year, he has revealed that he wants to come back for a short term deal. Great news for Pacers. The Legend has a lot of work ahead of him though, if it that is the case. The re-signings of Roy Hibbert and George Hill will be the first order of the day. Adding a player or two that could take the Pacers to the next level is another.

The bad news on the grapevine is that associate head coach (ie assistant coach) Brian Shaw, is looking for a head coaching job again. Shaw is a fantastic locker room guy and his presence will be missed if he decides to go elsewhere. He has apparently talked to the Bobcats and the Magic, the latter of which apparently wants him bad. Neither place looks ideal, if you ask me. In fact, Charlotte and Orlando are probably the last two places any coach would want to be right now. Maybe Shaw will come to his senses and realize that another hopeless season with the Bobcats or another tumultuous Dwight Howard backstabbing season with the Magic is not preferable to staying another year with the Pacers.