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Why don’t the Pacers play AJ Price?

Record: 19-37.  Games remaining: 24.  Record required in final 24 games to make playoffs (projected): 21-3.  Probability of making playoffs: 0.0%.

Okay, we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s turn to the most pertinent question for the Pacers right now.  Why not play second-round pick, rookie AJ Price?  Let him run the team?  Into the ground, if he’s capable.  It’s not like the team can fall much further.

Price is no savior for the Pacers, but he has potential.  When was the last time the Pacers had a second round pick that actually showed any potential?  Why keep playing horrible TJ Ford and hopeless Earl Watson?

Of all the stupid things Jim O’Brien has done this season – from the million different line ups, developing poor defensive mentality, to giving up big leads and allowing big leads in the first quarter – his refusal to play AJ Price at this point of the season is the most inexecusable.

Let the kid show what he’s got.  Please.

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