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Yay! News!

As we watch yet another day, week, month slip away from the 2011-2012 NBA season, there is not much to do around here except sigh.  The Pacers could have been leading the Central Division right now, but instead, the only piece of news is that TJ Ford, former Pacers guard who had no chance in hell of coming back to the Pacers after becoming a free agent in the summer, is headed to Croatia to play for KK Zagreb.

Let’s face it, Ford should have gone there as soon as the season ended, given how low his stock had plummeted on the Pacers’ bench.  To be fair, Ford was the consummate professional, but for some reason, like many Pacers point guards, lose their ability to pass and become score-first PGs as soon as they hit the floor.

Let’s wish him all the best.

PS: In other news, I might start the player reviews again.  I was hoping the lockout would end and I’d be able to skip them altogether, but alas, not to be.