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You’ve gotta be kidding: Pacers rookie arrested

A sudden and unexpected piece of news is bringing Pacers fans (still on a high from the Darren Collison acquisition) back down to earth.

Yes.  Lance Stephenson, the promising second round pick in the 2010 draft, has been arrested in New York for pushing his girlfriend down a flight of stairs.  He has been charged with third-degree assault.

This is not the first time the NY high school star has been in trouble with the law.  Back in 2008 he was charged for groping a girl at his school, and he was once suspended for an altercation with a teammate.

Well, at least the Pacers are no longer depending on Stephenson to be the point guard of the future.  After years trying to get rid of knuckleheads since the 2004 brawl (Ron Artest, Stephen Jackson, Jamaal Tinsley, David Harrison, Shawne Williams, etc), it appears the Pacers may have added a brand new one.

When the Pacers selected Stephenson with the 40th pick, they assured fans that they had done their background research and that Stephenson’s past problems were not going to be a future issue. 

Let’s hope this is a once-off anomaly.

PS: According to Wikipedia, Stephenson was also cut from the under 18s national squad for “chemistry reasons.”  That’s never a good sign.