Peyton Manning, fake Eli join Jimmy Fallon

As is the custom for a Super Bowl-winning quarterback, Peyton Manning made a late-night TV appearance Wednesday.

Then came a special guest, a cardboard cutout of stoic Eli Manning.

By the time Peyton Manning talked to Jimmy Fallon, the public generally had become aware that Eli Manning’s stone face during Super Bowl 50 wasn’t out of jealousy but rather because he was thinking what his next move would be if he were the quarterback and he knew the game wasn’t yet won.

The Broncos had just scored a touchdown to go up 22-10 with more than three minutes left. There was still plenty of time. A closer inspection of the viral video shows Archie Manning in the background. Although his face is partially hidden, it doesn’t look like he’s showing much emotion, either. The people in that suite who were celebrating were the ones who never played in the NFL. Eli and Archie knew better.

That didn’t prevent Peyton Manning from having a little fun at his brother’s expense, however.

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