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3 Dolphins Games Left

On October 30th, Tim Tebow robbed the Miami Dolphins of their first victory in the fourth quarter with 3:54 to go.  Dolphins miracolously bounced back to win 4 out of 6 games.

Today, Tim Tebow, with the help of his offensive line, wide receivers, running backs, and opportunistic defense beat the Chicago Bears.

Tim Tebow keeps on winning and the Denver Broncos keep on kicking themselves after being in the Andrew Luck campaign. 

Now, the Miami Dolphins who lost to the Eagles this afternoon find themselves 4-9 and licking their wounds after attempting to go 8-8 and “Feed that wolf”.

What exactly as a fan do you want to see?  Do you want to see why J.P. Losman, former first round QB was in the UFL last season? 

Do you want to see young running back Daniel Thomas prove that taking him in the 2nd round was the smart way to go?

Do you want to see Jake Long shutdown for the rest of 2011?

Here’s what I want to see: the Dolphins play their best against the Bills, Patriots, and Jets.  That’s what I want.  Win, lose, or draw, you want to see good football.  Not what we saw today.

I don’t care if Moore is there or not.  He was knocked out today and we know that against very tough defenses he can’t get the job done.  He lost to teams that are potentially in the playoffs: Dallas, Eagles, and Jets.  Those are the games that counted.  You can mention the Giants if you want, but that was not Moore’s fault. 

Moore does run this offense with precision, but it’s time to say thanks but no thanks and focus on the future.  The QB of the future is???

If Armando Salguero is the oracle we have been accustomed to listening to for inside information, and that Sparano is a goner and Ireland is safe, then the reasons for winning are only for Dolphins pride.

This season has been a season of ups and downs and football is truly a game of inches.  But the depth the Dolphins supposedly had on the D-line and O-line is not there.  The depth at running back is non-existent.  The depth at QB is not there. 

Does this season hurt more than 1-15?  I believe it does.  1-15 had almost no talent whatsoever and way too many injuries.  Dolphins have been relatively healthy.

No excuses!