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5 Reasons why the Miami Dolphins Should not Jump at Percy Harvin

Just this morning, as reported by Adam Schefter of ESPN Percy Harvin could be available via trade with the Minnesota Vikings.  In hindsight this seems like many teams in the NFL will want to trade for the playmaker slot receiver.  Not so fast if you are a Dolphin fan.  Here are 5 reasons why the Dolphins should steer clear of Percy Harvin.

1.) Percy Harvin is not a team player.  Harvin truly is about himself only and how many chances he gets to score touchdowns.  I don’t think I’ve seen Harvin block for anyone nor have we seen him win many games when the game is on the line. 

2.) Migraines.  Harvin has a problem with Migraines.  Not just a problem, but it’s an epidemic.  He misses practice due to migraines.  He misses games due to migraines.

3.)  Past trouble with drug use.  This is a biggie for Miami because they don’t need another guy who has a history of drug use in college, that could have carried it over to the NFL.  Harvin missed considerable time at Florida because of injury and he was also benched by Urban Meyer because of apparent drug use.  Miami does not need another Ricky Williams distraction.

4.) He’s fast and quick, but the Dolphins have Reggie Bush.  Speed kills yes, but ask the Raiders if that ever worked out for Super Bowl wins.  I don’t see Harvin as a fit.  It’s like putting Tebow out there when you already have a QB…oh wait the Jets are trying that now.

5.) The Dolphins do not need to hold another Florida Gator Day.  No more Gators on the roster to give Mike Dee any great marketing ideas.

So there you have it.  5 reasons that spell trouble for Miami. 

UPDATED : Note that the Vikings GM did say that he has no intentions of trading Harvin. 

Happy 3 Day Minicamp!