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A Manning Sighting in Miami Already?

Peyton Manning was seen heading to Miami today from Opa Locka Executive Airport.  Undoubtedly, Peyton was heading to his condo in Miami Beach to ponder his future and wait for his phone to ring.

After being flocked by reporters: Manning finally took the time to answer reporters questions about his next destination and what his intentions were to be in Miami. 

As it stands, the Miami Dolphins are rumored to be a possible destination for Peyton Manning to bounce back after missing all of the 2012 season.

If you are a Dolphins fan, do you hope and wish that Manning chooses the Dolphins? 

Should Stephen Ross get his jet ready to meet with Manning should he decide to leave for a “recruiting” tour around the NFL?

In fairness to everyone that is a Dolfan and every blogger on this site, I will say that I really enjoyed Marino as a youngster and in my high school years.  I also grew up watching Joe Montana play and seeing him get tossed out by the same GM and Owner that drafted him and was then released favor of Steve Young.  Joe Montana went on to play three more years with three playoff appearances.  When he played the Niners, he put it behind him and was the same ‘ol Joe Cool.   

I would have to say that the Colts made a big mistake that whoever gets Manning, be prepared to get schilacked when he and his new team play the Colts!