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A Quick Conversation with RamsHerd.com About Jeff Fisher

As many Dolfans are waiting for Fisher’s answer of what team he will coach, I thought it would be interesting to get a few takes from RamsHerd.com fellow blogger Derek Pease. 

I had a quick conversation with Derek this evening about Fisher and the Rams and got his side of the story. 

Here is what he revealed to me:

1.) What is the latest news with the Rams and Fisher?

“ Kroenke is really putting on a full court press.  The thought is the Rams are waiting on hiring a GM so that Fisher can pick who he wants to work with.”

Derek goes on to say:

“Rams are trying to use this (full control/established GM) as an edge over Phins.  Both owners have the money, so that is not the issue.  Sources in St. Louis say that Fisher would like to work with a proven owner, which may give the Rams the edge.”

However, “Rams and Dolphins are in different places progress wise.  While the Rams have a QB, the Dolphins as an entire unit are further along than the Rams.”

Lastly, Derek mentions: “It also sounds like Kroenke is going to ask for a quick decision, which could or could not be a good thing.”

Rams fans, like the Dolfans are worried in St. Louis in that if the Rams don’t land Fisher it could mean trouble in the future such as relocation, when they require major renovations to their Dome stadium to remain a competitive venue. 

For the Dolphins, it means another another interview of inexperienced coaches and maybe missing the playoffs again…

We thank Derek Pease for his insight on the state of the Rams in the Fisher talks!