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Adam Schefter tweets about a possible Dolphins and Mike Wallace connection

March 12th is getting closer and closer and the start to NFL free agency is just around the corner. Soon the rumors will end and the excitement around the different NFL fan bases will grow or the disappointment and concern will start to linger.

Despite slapping the franchise tag on Randy Starks the Dolphins still have plenty of money to throw around to help out Ryan Tannehill and company.

Today the Chiefs agreed to 5 year deal rumored for around 11 million per year with WR Dwayne Bowe. Once Bowe's numbers are released they will surely impact the market.   The market however did open when not surprisingly Greg Jennings was not tagged. Other playmakers who were not tagged include, Jared Cook, Dustin Keller and JerMichael Finley.    

The Dolphins will several choices and options in terms of how to help this offense grow. Rumors did however did start go grow with the number 1 WR free agent Mike Wallace.

Adam Schefter :  @AdamSchefter

RT @CMRE24: You thinks Miami has a chance of getting Mike Wallace? … Yup. Dolphins know they need to add weapons. Wallace on their radar.


While Schefty didn't say the Dolphins will sign Wallace or that they are the favorite, a tweet from ESPN's number 1 guy certainly goes a long way.  That being said Schefty did also note that Wallace won't come cheap.

Adam Schefter : ‏@AdamSchefter

RT @charlesb14: Any talk on @steelers players in Mike Wallace's ear to get him to stay? … Doesn't care what they say. Cares what they pay.

Time will certainly tell however Dolphins fans should keep their twitter accounts active and their eyes glued to ESPN on March 12th .