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Our Exciting Dolphins

 Okay Dolfans, we’ve braced ourselves what’s upcoming the rest of the season, an almost astonishing photo finish to 0-16…only to not be the worst team.  The Colts are a bumbling and stumbling bunch that want to stink more.

How is any of this possible?  Bill Parcells preached that you are what your record says: or “You are what you are.”

At the beginning of the offseason after Tony was not fired, but then given an extension: Steve Ross proclaimed that he wanted to see a “dynamic offense.”

In reality, this Dolphins team is so exciting to watch! 

The last few seasons under Sparano, the Dolphins were playing boring running a 1980s version of the New York Giants ground and pound attack.  Playing to keep the games close, only to win more games in the closing two minutes of games.

 This year’s team features excitement of a different kind: 

You can first look back to the New England game and there was a glimmer of hope until the 3rd quarter when Tom Brady engineered two big no-huddle drives and you saw, the best (and most of us were led to believe) well-conditioned cornerbacks Sean Smith and Vontae Davis, crawling and hunched over on the sidelines with severe cramping. 

Meanwhile, Henne and company was busy lighting up the stat sheet for 400 plus yards and some serious milelage from Reggie Bush. 

Then there was the Houston game:  Dolphins had a chance in the 3rd quarter to come back down 17-0.  Two huge Dan Carpenter field goals were missed and then there was the Daniel Thomas fumble to stall the drive at midfield.  Then Houston woke up from heat stroke and then Matt Schabb found Andre Johnson after he beat Will Carrol further icing the game.

Then came week 3, I was totally psyched about seeing Daniel Thomas run over the Browns.  Then came the 4th quarter…Colt McCoy stole Chad Henne’s thunder with a stunner with a minute left. 

Week 4 saw Chad Henne play a game of deja vu with a run and fall on the concrete-like turf ending his season with a severe shoulder separation. (see Chad Pennington)

 In came Matt Moore and he threw two huge passes, one was lost in the sun or lights by Brandon Marshall, the other, Brandon Marshall failed to gain “positioning” on Gilchrist, a rookie and did not come up with the ball.

Week 5, was a bye so the Dolphins didn’t win nor lose.  The headlines were dynamic with Sparano Watch 2011.

Week 6 v. The Jets, The Dolphins owned the ball the entire first half, then the Jets woke up and Mark Sanchez delivered a crushing blow with his pass to an open Santonio Holmes.  Dolphins lost 24-6.

Week 7, The Tebow game.  After the Dolphins owned the ball for the entire game and owned the game defensively helped by 2 missed Field Goals from generally accurate Matt Prater, the Dolphins found a way to squander and let Tebow part the waters and all of a sudden look like a left-handed John Elway. 

Week 8- Versus the Giants, the Dolphins went to the locker room in the 3rd quarter thinking they had the game won 17-13 over the Giants, only the Dolphins forgot that they had to play “hard” in the 4th quarter.  Dolphins lost by 3 and had two drives to come back. 

So, there you have it.  The Dolphins bring excitement every week in that they play hard and have been in 4 games out of 7. 

In my book they could be 4-3.  Just like the Chiefs!