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Are The Dolphins primed for an upset over the Jets ?

So nice having football on Thursday night, breaks up the week in the midst of waiting for football every Sunday. That being said the Dolphins don’t have a Thursday game until November so the wait for Sunday still lingers on for Dolphins fans. We have broken down the upcoming rivalry matchup this week and it’s time to make some bold predictions.

The news of Darelle Revis being active and ready to go does have an impact on this game but it also had to be expected. There is still a chance Dustin Keller could miss the game which would be a huge bonus for the Phins who have struggled covering him in the past.

The Dolphins enter the game 2.5 underdogs heading into their second game at home. The matchup is a fairly good one for the Dolphins as the Jets are only 2 weeks removed from being run all over by CJ Spiller and the Phins will be hoping that Reggie Bush can continue his excellent start and help get the Dolphins offense going. That being said Reggie Bush most likely won’t be enough to overcome this fierce Jets defense.

A week after Brian Hartline was the guy who stepped up the other dolphins “weapons” will need to find a way to contribute as it is hard to believe Hartline can have the same success against the league’s best cornerback.  A heavy dose of Davone Bess and Anthony Fasano might be in order for this offense.

On the other side of the ball the Dolphins have to be fairly confident they can shut down Shonne Greene and the Jets running game leaving the responsibility to the Dolphins secondary. I’m going to go out here on a bit of a limb and say they will be ready for the occasion. Santonio Holmes hopefully provided these corners and safety the extra bump they needed to come out and ball on Sunday.

This should be a tight contested matchup between the two rivals, I am going to go the optimistic route and say the Dolphins let the good times roll.

Dolphins 24 Jets 21