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Are the Miami Dolphins contending for a playoff berth?


I know what you are thinking. I know this is a site for opinions and highlights and lowlights of our Dolphins. This blogger must be crazy and is not well qualified with the gift of prognostication.  This blogger does not have ESP.

Bare with me a second, the Miami Dolphins are 4-3 and far from the Super Bowll, but they are on track for the playoffs.  With a big win over an embattled Jets team on the road and total domination on special teams, defense, and mistake free football, the Miami Dolphins have the potential to be contenders for the first time since 2010.  

What has to happen?

First the Dolphins need to continue to execute their offense by putting more touchdowns on the board than field goals.

Next, the quarterback play and execution needs to improve beginning drives and on third down passing.  For this to happen, the Dolphins must establish a third receiver and a go to guy when Hartline, Fasano, and Bess are not open.  This can happen with either Moore or Gaffney coming into the fold.

One surprising stat is the Dolphins have been stopped on plenty of 3rd and short opportunities.  

In addition, the Dolphins defense must take away the ball more than they have. 6 interceptions and 1 for 8 on attempted fumble recoveries wont get the job done. Most surprising is the lack of urgency and white or aqua jerseys pouncing on the ball.

Lastly, the Dolphins O-line must absolutely keep Ryan Tannehill's jersey clean. The Dolphins o-line anchored by Mike Pouncey has accounted for hurries and knock downs and sacks. Richie incognito, Jake Long cant miss on their assignments down the stretch.

Of course, being playoff bound is just as special.

Of course Reggie Bush needs to get healthy and hopefully this bye has served him well.

But, if the Dolphins want make their owner do pirouettes dance Gagnam style and spin more than in his interviews, then getting to the Super Bowl is the most likely of scenarios that would make all Dolfans proud!