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Are these the same ole Dolphins?

Are these the same ole Dolphins? If you have been keeping up with training camp you might come to that conclusion. There are different names on the back of the jerseys and a different coaching staff calling the shots. However it seems that most of the results are replays of previous years.

Ryan Tannehill, whom we are awaiting to take the next step,is still locking onto Jarvis Landry. He is still locked into to those 3-6 yard passes. He still hasn’t found chemistry with Jordan Cameron. He still holds the ball too long. He seems to be the same Tannehill that we’ve seen the last couple of years. That’s not good enough.

The offensive line, which has been an utter dumpster fire for the last 5 years, is still struggling. This saga started out with having good guards and impotent tackles. The tackle situation was finally solved only to watch the guard position become just as bad. For 2 years Dallas Thomas and Billy Turner have been given every opportunity and then some to lock down their respective sides, to no avail. The front office thought it would be wise to hinge their hopes on taking lifetime tackles and transforming them into guards. Right now Thomas and Turner are both starting. Again that’s not good.

The defensive line has been dominating. As they always do. They always do, at least in training camp, only to lose steam when the regular season starts.

The Dolphins seemingly have 1 good corner back and a boat load of questions marks. That’s very familiar, as that was the case the last 3 years. Remember, we had Brent Grimes with no one else worth the Charmin extra they wiped their rump with on the opposite side. Like years past, we only that a young player coming off an injury can be the savior.

Everything you just read. WIPE IT OUT OF YOUR MEMORY. This is training camp. This a different staff. There are new schemes. There will be and continue to be growing pains. Pre season games are going to be ugly, but sometimes ugly is good. Sometime ugly is positive. Do I need to paraphrase The Ugly Duckling? Because I will.

While it may be fools talk, I believe in Adam Gase. There is something about the guy that at the end of the day makes me feel like he is going to get this figured out. I get the feeling that he is going to get the most out of his players. I get the feeling that he is pushing buttons and seeing how far he can push right now.

I have hope. I believe. Hopefully, these aren’t the same ole Dolphins.