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Can these Jekyll and Hyde Dolphins beat the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Just when you count them out, they (the Dolphins) reel us back in.  Sure, the Jets are horrible and at this point in the season any decent defense that has an anemic offense is vulnerable.  The Jets actually held their own for a half allowing only two field goals, but without any help from the Jets talentless offense it was just a matter of time before the Dolphins found the end zone.  

At least we had a chance to get a peek at what the 2013 Dolphins were SUPPOSED to be or look like.  Kind of refreshing actually.  Minus a few mistakes in the first half it was nice to watch a game without throwing something at the tv–for the most part.  I had my hand cocked and ready a couple of times, but didn’t pull the trigger.

This Sunday in Pittsburgh–quarterback Ryan Tannehill would love to get Mike Wallace the ball a few times.  Can you imagine what kind of hissy fit Wallace will have if he gets shut out against his former team?  If there’s ever a time Tannehill needs to find his accuracy–Sunday is it.  But the weather will play a big part in determining that. With 30 degree temps and a good chance for snow, the Dolphins offense will be battling more than just the Steelers defense.  Who knows what we’ll see. 

For the Dolphins to have any chance to win, the formula will need to be similar to what they mixed up in New York. Run the ball and eat the clock up with long drives.  Mix in a couple of bombs to Wallace too.  Just don’t give Rothlesberger a chance to pick the Dolphins defense apart.  That means the offensive line needs another week of solid play.  

To breathe easy for another week–until the Patriots come marching into Sun Life–the Dolphins need to turn Big Ben into Gentle Ben and see his number seven on the ground after taking multiple sacks from Cam Wake and company.