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A black eye on Valentines Day for Dolphins fans

What a way to turn Valentines Day into a huge bummer.  In the wake of the Ted Wells report on the Dolphins locker room fiasco, all that needs to be said is that this feels like a huge punch in the gut.  

It’s sad really, there are no winners in this.  Fingers can be pointed in just about every direction as to who can be blamed, but the biggest losers in all of this are the NFL fans.  We put up with all these so called “men” who “leave it all on the field”, or “go to battle”, or whatever dumb cliche you come up with. Off the field, these “men” are nothing but ignorant, entitled children.  It’s not all of them, and it’s not just in Miami.  Google NFL arrests and it’s shocking.  Makes you wonder if CTE sets in at an earlier age than is being reported.

Over the next few days the Miami Dolphins will be national news again.  Another black eye for the organizaton. with  bullying, racism, alleged thoughts of suicide. I haven’t read the whole report, but just about every hot button in American society today is touched on.  Except maybe animal cruelty.  Although I don’t know–did anyone kick a puppy?

I could spend this whole time going over the absurdity that was the Miami Dolphins locker room atmosphere, but why delve into a world no adult human being will understand. Expect that brand new Miami Dolphins logo to be plastered all over ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, ESPN, and FOX as this story continues to flood the media with fodder until a next week's scouting combine.  I have a feeling that after the dust settles the Dolphins will need to rebrand themselves again.  Should the fans adopt another team in protest? 

(Photo Credit: South Florida Sun-Sentinel)