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More on Brandon Marshall’s Big Game !

Dolfans, it’s not the Super Bowl, but it’s the NFL’s version of a consolation prize for fans all over the country whose teams are no longer alive in the NFL playoffs (under the new format). 

Today in Honolulu in Aloha Stadium, Brandon Marshall who on Twitter last week exclaimed Aloha! just said Mahalo to the “elite” quarterbacks he caught 4 touch down passes for 177 yards on only 6 receptions. 

One of his catches he made after Earl Thomas of Seattle defending on the play went up for an interception and tipped it in the air into the hands of Marshall who fell down and was lying on his back.

Brandon Marshall with 4 TDs is start for a day and Pro Bowl MVP.  There is no doubt that he was awesome today.

The last Miami Dolphin as Pro Bowl MVP was none other than Ricky Williams who in 2004 had a fantastic showing that he joined his friend Lenny Kravitz in a tent in India to hang out and share in some other type of activities thus missing the entire season.

Brandon Marshall is no Ricky Williams, but Brandon Marshall surely gave Dolphin fans a glimpse of what playing with an “elite” quarterback means.

Marshall caught touchdowns from Rivers, Roethlisberger, and Andy Dalton (2).  Marshall caught a TD in every quarter.

While catching a toucdown in every quarter of the game, as a Dolphin fan, a lot of us can take solace in that if Marshall plays this well against NFC opponents then we can all have really good games against the NFC.

Looking at Marshall’s numbers v. NFC opponents in 2011, Marshall caught 1 TD versus the Cowboys and another against the Eagles. 

Against AFC opponents Marshall had TDs against the Patriots, Jets (at home, should have had one on the road), Texans, and Chiefs.

6 touchdowns and 4 today! 

As Dolfans we need to embrace this moment and share in it and buy the Marshall jersey because as a pro bowler we are pround that he represented in a big way the aqua and orange!

His record setting performance can be viewed right here: