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Brandon Marshall Dealt for a Pair of 3rd Rounders: A QB Next?

At approximately 4:30 Eastern Standard Time, Brandon Marshall the Diva Receiva of the Miami Dolphins was sent packing to Chicago for a pair of 3rd Rounders in the 2012 and 2013 drafts.

There was plenty of negativity surrounding this move, but the deal saved the Dolphins 5.8 million dollars in cap space and allowed for the Dolphins to remain competitive for either Peyton Manning or Matt Flynn or other high priced free agents.

Bottom line, the Marshall trade leaves Davone Bess as the #1 receiver and essentially removes 6 TDs out of the equation that made the Dolphins offense.  (10 TDs if you were to count the Pro Bowl where Marshall was named MVP with 4 TDs…Maybe Ireland was counting that in Marshall’s stats!!!)

The Pro Bowler Marshall will now rejoin and rejoice with former fellow Denver Bronco, Jay Cutler of the Bears, whom Marshall has been clamoring to play with since Cutler was dealt in 2009 to the Bears.

So, now what?  What can the Dolphins do next?

Supporters of this move give Miami a competitive edge in getting the most coveted free agent in Peyton Manning or Matt Flynn who was the backup QB to Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay.

However, critics of this move see it as a way of rebuilding and starting anew with a new head coach in Joe Philbin and new offensive coordinator in Mike Sherman.

The uncertainty lingers in the air tonight as cumulonimbus clouds form in Davie providing a violent thunderstorm that hovers over the offices of Jeff Ireland and Steve Ross. 

Next on the docket is Right Tackle Eric Winston and Dick Marshall both free agents from Houston and Arizona respectively. 

Can the Dolphins land a wide receiver when all of the good ones are now gone? 

Will Jeff Ireland land a QB this week or next week named Manning or Flynn?

Are we at the point as Dolfans that the collective Publix bags will be over our heads at Dolphin games in Sun Life/LandShark/Dolphin/Pro Player/ Joe Robbie Stadium?

Do the Dolphins move on to Plan D and look for a serviceable QB through mini camp and then reach for Ryan Tannehill or Brandon Weeden?

Where will the ship steered by Jeff Ireland and Steve Ross take us to next?

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