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Brandon Marshall lobbying for Dolphins to sign Mike Sims-Walker

If you’re not following Brandon Marshall on twitter yet, you’re missing out. Not only because he’s the Dolphins’ biggest star, but because a personality like his is sure to use twitter as an avenue to post all sorts of interesting comments, albeit let’s just hope none of the controversial variety. So far, Marshall has used twitter as a campaign ad for the Dolphins to sign Mike Sims-Walker, Brandon’s former teammate at Central Florida and a impending free agent. A sample of Marshall’s tweets that lobby for Mike Sims-Walker to bring his talents to South Beach are below:

@Mattst99 if we had @MikeSimsWalker it’ll be a show every Sunday.

@MikeSimsWalker where r u taking ur talents?

RT @Str8_Joker: imagine IF @MikeSimsWalker takes his talents to South Beach, he’d reunite with @BMarshall19 , talk about a top 5 WR duo in the NFL

RETWEET MikeSimsWalker RT @ProFootballTalk: Mike Sims-Walker would like to follow in LeBron’s footsteps http://wp.me/p14QSB-v4J… http://tmi.me/85zri

I’m D-Wade and @MikeSimsWalker is Lebron.

While this may all appear like Marshall is just trying to reunite with a buddy, the Dolphins signing Sims-Walker would actually make a lot of sense. Jeff Ireland admitted himself that the Dolphins need to add more speed. Sims-Walker would be a useful asset for the Dolphins as a target that could help stretch the field. Looking at the Dolphins’ offense, there isn’t one player that makes defenses wary of the home-run.

Sims-Walker ran in the mid 4.3’s in his pre-draft workouts back in 2007. That’s the type of speed this offense could use if they want to be more explosive and produce more big-gainers in 2011. The move makes perfect sense on paper, but whether or not the Dolphins will be willing to dish out a lucrative contract to a receiver, a position that could use some more speed but doesn’t necessarily have to have it, in an offseason where offensive guard, running back, quarterback, and tight end are more pressing needs, is up for debate.

It would probably all depend on whether or not Sims-Walker is willing to give the Dolphins a bit of a discount to stay in his home state and play with his old college teammate. Based on these tweets, though, I’m sure Marshall has been in his ear, trying to convince him to do just that. With no end in sight to the lockout, however, Marshall and Sims-Walker are going to have to be patient to hear the Dolphins answer to all of this.

Dolphins awarded 7th-round compensatory draft pick
It probably won’t amount to anything, but the Dolphins were awarded the 234th overall selection of the 2011 NFL Draft today for the departures of Jason Taylor and nickel back Nate Jones in free agency last offseason. It’s not likely, but who knows, that pick could be used to find a real late-round gem.