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Brandon Marshall v. Reggie Bush

 Numbness, thoughts of cheering for another team (I just don’t like the Raiders or Forty Niners).  Constant heart palpitations. 

This is what it’s like to watch a Dolphins team that seems to physically and mentally crumble on the field. 

In the lockeroom, the team is loose and not pressing.  I find this very disturbing. 

As a fan, I should have an opinion, but as an observer of this team, they are filled with denial and self efficacy. 

Why should we cheer on the guys such as Brandon Marshall and Reggie Bush?  Two quote un-quote leaders…

Brandon Marshall is more of a free-agency bust than anyone I can remember that has ever landed on the Dolphins as a WR. 

Oh wait…David Boston was one heck of a find for Dave Wannstedt, but he couldn’t stay healthy and got out worked by every other receiver on the team. 

Marshall can’t catch the ball for a TD and catches the insignificant passes.  The “Beast” is too scared to play well. 

I am convinced it’s confidence and a lack of ownership over his position.  You could see it in the Jets game, he was scared of Revis. 

Reggie Bush was brought in to make the offense dynamic.  I was almost jumping up for joy to see him play.  Then I saw how he played in the 2nd quarter against the Patriots and how he could not run up the middle, New England adjusted and so have all the other teams. 

He is not an everydown back.  I later cancelled my jersey order at NFL.com. 

Will Brandon Marshall and Reggie Bush be back?  That I am not sure of, but I’d consider taking the loss to find some college kids to come in and play either position with pride and respect for authority. (Please don’t tell me that the players truly respect the coaching staff.) 

Marshall has been “embarrasing” and Reggie Bush “stinks”.

-Michael Serrania

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