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Brian Billick the favorite to land the Dolphins head coaching job ?

It appears after all the speculation of all the different head coaching options for the Dolphins, Brian Billick is the current front runner.


Billick recently spoke with the Miami Herald where he told him “The Dolphins are a marquee franchise,” Billick said.  “But at the end of the day, it’s the structure of what they put together.” He told Barry Jackson of the Herald that the former Super Bowl winning Ravens coach would be interested in the coaching job in Miami.

When Billick was in the league there might have been no coach I hated more as it seemed his arrogance showed at every moment on the sidelines that being said his post football career has led me to a bit of a changing of the heart. Hearing Billick talk football on NFL Network and doing media bits on Mike and Mike and other places have led me to gain a strong respect for Billick’s football IQ.

Billick has a regular season coaching record of 80-64-0 and a post season record of 5-3 including a Super Bowl win. Billick has worked around the league as a tight end coach and offensive coordinator as well as being an assistant head coach at Stanford. Billick was also a part of an offense in Minnesota which was very explosive.

Although Billick’s Baltimore teams were not based on offensive fire power as you all know he was still able to manage games and get a team with Trent Dilfer at QB to a Super Bowl.

Billick led the Ravens as head coach for 9 years however only had 4 winning seasons. An issue I have with Billick is that his teams were either hit or miss. Billick either had strong contending teams or had complete slouches.

A Strength of Bilick is that he always had a strong staff that included names like Rex Ryan, Marvin Lewis, Jack Del Rio, Mike Smith, and Mike Nolan.

Bilick is a name with experience that isn’t as flashy as some of the others and might be more realistic to land. Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald said Billick would also be his best bet for the job.