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Brown Not Planning to Holdout

Many were expecting Ronnie Brown to sign his restricted free agent tender by today, because now that the June 15th deadline has passed, teams can lower their tender offer to 110% of the player’s 09′ salary. As Omar Kelly explained earlier today though, there is no rush for Ronnie to sign because the $3.97 million tender the Dolphins have offered Ronnie is already 110% of what he was paid last season.

And since Ronnie still has plenty of time to sign that tender, he and his agent can still try and pursue a long term deal. Ronnie told the Sun Sentinel, “there’s nothing dramatic. It’s not like anyone’s expecting me to hold out. It’s a few knickknack things. There’s language [issues]. I plan on signing it. It’s not a big deal. We’re just talking about some things. Obviously I’d like to get something [long term] done, but there’s nothing dramatic.”

Thankfully, there doesn’t appear to be a threat of Brown holding out in training camp, which would be a huge distraction to a football team with lofty goals. While Logan Mankins is demanding a trade in New England, and Darrelle Revis is asking to be made the highest paid corner in the league, Ronnie appears to be more concerned with how a holdout would affect the team, than getting himself taken care of for the future.

Because if he was strictly focused on business right now, it doesn’t make sense to come out and say your not going to holdout. With the front office not having that threat hanging over their heads, there’s really not much of an incentive to get Ronnie locked up, as he eventually has to sign his tender, only has one healthy season to his name, and is approaching the dreaded age of thirty.

Like I have said before though, it would be difficult, to say the least, for Miami to try and replace both Ricky and Ronnie in one offseason, so it would be nice if Ronnie can put together a full, healthy sixteen game season that bolsters his chances of earning a deal to stay in Miami.