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Cameron Wake: A Fan’s Commentary

What does the Cam Wake re-signing mean exactly for the Miami Dolphins?

Some experts such as Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, have offered that the Dolphins can now move on to other important signings such as Sean Smith and Pro Bowl left tackle Jake Long.

First, Cam Wake deserves his due.  He came to the NFL after dominating the CFL in Canada for two seasons.  He’s been a high-motor and high-intensity guy and has shown up in games when it has counted.

However, the Dolphins simply made an error in judgment.  In fact, no matter what a lot of people say that Cam Wake needed to get his deal, they are simply ignoring that the Dolphins had their chance in the draft to get a pass rusher in case Cameron Wake did not return for the 2013 season.  The Dolphins whiffed on getting Melvin Ingram, Quinton Coples, or even Fletcher Cox who were all strong possibilities. 

See the Dolphins took Tannehill and in a risk reward scenario they bet the farm that Tannehill will be the franchise QB.  He could be or he could be a QB that needs weapons around him to succeed.

Looking at this same signing another way, the Dolphins put themselves in a great position to address their need for a pass-rusher, but Cam Wake was already signed this season.  It’s just that he so happened to out-perform his current deal and earn double digit sack numbers and he chose not to show up for work. 

I am not through on poking holes at this signing.  As a fan, I am either excited or disappointed. 

This time disappointed.  This signing begs the question that the Dolphins in fact had some money to sign Kendall Langford.  Yes, I know that the Dolphins didn’t see a huge jump in productivity like Wake, but he played every game for 4 seasons and didn’t even get a chance to see where he stood with Miami. 

Quite simply, Langford moved on.  He went to St. Louis and earned starter money. 

Lastly, Cam Wake is no spring chicken.  Not every player can play into their late thirties.  It’s a 4 year deal worth 49 million, but the deal could have gotten done with Langford right?

Here’s another point: The Dolphins are simply covering up their errors in the offseason.

 First Langford leaving town and then Matt Flynn not getting a deal done with Miami. 

Both the Tannehill pick and the Wake deal are simply a way of establishing what the priorities are. 

The priorities are about the defense…not the offense because if it was about offense then the Dolphins would land Flynn who has some experience and fits this offense.

 It is evident that the Dolphins will paint a pretty picture behind the numbers that Wake has. 

Let’s not be too optimistic…Jason Taylor had great numbers before he was discarded initially by Bill Parcells.

Here’s to Cam Wake being the sacking and tackling machine that he is and that he’s making big plays and helping the Dolphins close-out the 4th quarter.