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Camp Impressions of Head Coach Joe Philbin

While the rest of the media is focused on the emergence of Ryan Tannehill early in camp and how the defense looks, one has to look beyond the training camp battles and look at the man running the show: Head Coach Philbin.

One thing is for sure that Coach Philbin is a brilliant mind that brings a wealth of knowledge and experience.  He has never been a head coach, but he has been around long enough to acquire knowledge based on a multitude of experiences.

His way of addressing players is first evident when Chad Johnson complained he was open and did not get enough touches. 

What did he do?  Did he reprimand Chad? No. He went to David Garrard and said he did agree with Chad on some of the throws and to be aware that Chad was open.  That’s it.  His calm demeanor shows that he can work with players.

He reminds me of many coaches over the years.  He reminds me of Don Shula.

The comparison can be lofty, but Philbin will be great for Miami.  Win or lose this season, he’s going to put his stamp on this team.

Win or lose, Philbin’s brilliance is defined by a practice regimen that might seem uncommon for the pro game.  Where 7 on 7 drills are typically conducted one team at a time with players watching, Philbin has first and second teamers on both sides of the field so he can evaluate both first and second team units.  Every player touches the practice field and is constantly moving.  It must be mass chaos from afar, but amidst the chaos comes beauty of a team gelling together and finding it’s niche.

Win or lose, Philbin brings a positive energy to the meeting rooms by hiring the best staff to get the Dolphins to the next step.  Sure Mike Sherman was hired for the offense, but it’s not the offense that will be the focal point of this team.  It’s the defense and how Kevin Koyle is going to make the newly established 4-3 a force to be reckoned with.  Philbin earns respect immediately for his ability to delegate the duties to his coaches, place trust in them, but he still has his finger on the pulse and attends meetings for offense and defense.

Is Philbin coaching from the sidelines by calling plays?  No.  Coach Mike Sherman is going to call all plays down to the field.  This is brilliant. 

See, Philbin has changed the way things have been done in Miami in the past.  Coaches that have called plays, coaches that were hesitant to challenge a call, go for it on fourth down. 

Coach Philbin brings smart, tough, football to Miami and a lot of the team’s success will be because of his knowledge and experience.

(Photo Credit: South Florida Sun-Sentinel)