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Chad Ochocinco is coming home, signs with the Dolphins !

Ochocinco is coming home !


Love him or hate, but Chad Ochocinco is now a Miami Dolphins. The very mediocre Dolphins receiving core gets a very interesting facelift!

While there will be sceptics, including myself who is not sure how I feel about the move but none the less the circus is coming to town. Chad certainly a character is a player who comes to work everyday, puts his all in his game and certainly now has a lot to prove after a year of falling off the face of the earth despite playing with the leagues best QB.

Ocho has all the talent in the world and he has been an elite receiver most of his career. With the weak receiving core Ocho will be given an opportunity that he still has a little bit left in the tank. Ocho most likely has enough experience and talent to secure a roster spot and wouldn’t even be surprising if Chad made his way into the starting line-up this year.

While Chad might be a diva receiver his work ethic can not be questioned. He should help develop a few of the Dolphins younger receivers develop their game will competing to make the starting roster.

Chad broke the news himself through OCNN ( his new network) that he had signed a one year deal with the Dolphins.

It will be very interesting to see how Chad meshes with this team but we will get to see it for ourselves as I am sure he will be a features part of Hard Knocks this year.

Well, there you have the Dolphins add another weapon, there is a potential for this to be a great success and there is a chance that Chad doesn’t even make the roster, time will tell, but it is exciting for Dolphins fans in the meanwhile.

Per PFT, Ochocino’s one-year deal likely is worth $975,000, with a cap charge of only $540,000 under the CBA.  

RT : Ocho also got $0 signing bonus and $0 guaranteed. But full $925k salary is guaranteed if he is on Week 1 roster