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Could hiring a GM be the Dolphins Gaine?

I know what you are thinking.  The Dolphins have Jedi-mind tricked the fan base for many years, over 10 to be exact into thinking one thing and doing the next.

In 2012, just when things were heating up in the head coaching search, many Dolfans rested their heads on their pillows thinking Mike McCoy would be named the new head coach only to find out later that day that Joe Philbin in fact was the right man for the job.  

Going in the time machine back to 2007, the Dolphins were in search of a head coach once again when they interviewed several candidates and did so with super secret plane trips to seek out candidates while they were vacationing a la Pete Carroll.  Frankly, how has the style of interviewing candidates of any position differed from Stephen Ross to Wayne Huizenga?  

Back to the present, the Dolphins are set two interview two finalists for the GM position according to multiple reports by Adam H. Beasley and Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald.  They've been told that these interviews are expected to take place this weekend.  

Beasley has gone on record on Twitter to state that his "money is on (Ray) Farmer" to be named GM.  In the end, consistent with Beasley's thinking is that the Dolphins will hire the guy that Stephen Ross' trusty confidant Carl Peterson will vouch for.  Since Farmer did come highly recommended by Peterson, there is a chance Ross could select him.

However, it is possible that Brian Gaine, an assistant general manager that has had a great track record of establishing rapport with other GMs and personnel people in the NFL. For one, Gaine has worked with the Dolphins long enough to understand the intricacies of the organization from owner Steve Ross, to Dawn Aponte, and head coach Joe Philbin.  It's been said that the GM should be one that has a great relationship and can work hand in hand with the head coach.  Gaine, for all intensive purposes shares in the goal of the Dolphins becoming a winner and has proven that by doing his job without much fanfare and representing the Dolphins this past week at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama.  

Lastly, a hiring of Gaine would keep the continuity that Steven Ross strives to maintain in his organization especially since he chose to keep head coach Joe Philbin after a final two game debacle that forced the Dolphins to miss the playoffs.  Gaine would be a beacon of hope for all Dolphins fans in that his scouting and his expertise would ensure the addressing of critical needs up and down the Dolphins roster sees he's seen the players first hand.  Gaine would be that guy who is already familiar with the roster and be adamant of keeping certain players over others.  Gaine might favor signing some of the Dolphins free agents whereas a new GM might cut bait and find his guys from teams he's been with.

As a long time Dolphins fan,  editor, and writer, it would behoove the Dolphins to prioritize continuity in their hiring and lead with integrity.  While Gaine worked under Ireland, his philosophy could differ and that could be evident if he gets the chance, to be the GM of the Miami Dolphins this weekend.