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Dan Marino falls from grace in the eyes of some


On Thursday morning the NY Post published an article detailing the hidden secret that Dan Marino has had for over 10 years, he had an affair.

Normally, Phins Phocus is a site dedicated reporting about the current players for the Dolphins. However, a name like Dan Marino surely bears mention on this site.

The fact that Marino kept this hush hush by keeping his ex- lover at bay by paying her millions of dollars, is not the real issue.  In fact, Marino admitted to paying and supporting his daughter and the woman he had an affair with.  The real issue, is what Marino has stood for even after he retired.  A model of greatness on the football field and off of it.

A role model we'd see with his 4 kids in the United Way commercials.  Not to mention the model of philanthropy and his fight to make more people aware about autism and provide support to all families..

Marino has been portrayed as an iconic figure in Miami Dolphin history. Likewise, his image is plastered and posted all over Miami and the greater South Florida Community. Marino retired 13 years ago this month.

So when it was reported that he had an affair with a production assistant it was met with reaction from every direction. Since news is shared at every second, especially on Twitter, everyone in the media as well as fans had an opinion.

Here is my opinion,

All people are fallible, including the Great Dan Marino. People make mistakes. Dan Marino had an affair while working for CBS.  Things inevitably do happen in life and people are afterall, human.

Which brings me to the next point, does this affair cast a dark cloud on the records that Marino once achieved for Dolphins fans?

Perhaps forgiving Marino for his flaws is one thing, but missing out on a Super Bowl championship is another.  It's easy to let this bad news of a fallen hero lower us as fans to the depths of this type of negative thinking.  

Does the fact that Marino being outed about the affair tarnish his legacy given the fact that his records are falling because of the strict rules on defense thus allowing the offense to be pass happy?

Records are meant to be broken and truly there was only one Marino! 

Here's where we are at. This offseason waiting for the silly season and free agency to begin. Just waiting. Many of us are just changing the channel reporting news concerning our epic hero whom is flawed like any other.

However, waiting is much harder to do when it's been 13 years since the Dolphins have been any good and 13 years since the Dolphins had a quarterback all fans trusted.

If current quarterback, Ryan Tannehill leads the Dolphins to Super Bowl glory, would we feel that we can move on from Marino? This is a question that requires much pondering and reflection. At this point, it's Super Bowl or bust for some Dolfans.