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David Garrard is the Early Favorite at QB!

This morning Sebastian M. Christensen mentioned that David Garrard is the early favorite.  If you read Spanish, then this link is worth the read and echoes the sentiments exactly of who is on the fence with Garrard, Moore, and that Tannehill is clearly not ready as evidenced by his minicamp performances. 


This offseason for a Miami Dolphin fan has been filled with a bevy of emotions.  First, there was the entire Peyton Manning fiasco ending with a good amount of animosity directed toward Jeff Ireland and Owner Steve Ross for not landing Manning.

Enter David Garrard, a free agency signing that seemed to be the major news in Miami, although it wasn’t.  Then the Dolphins drafted considerably well and took a chance on quarterback Ryan Tannehill to be the future of the franchise in the first round.

Let’s back up a couple of years and recall that the Miami Dolphins under Parcells, Ireland, and Sparano went into training camp with Josh McCown as the starter.  As soon as he hit the field, the Dolphins were the favorite to finish dead last in the NFL at 0-16.  However, Brett Favre happened and then the Jets got Favre and released Chad Pennington. 

Fast forward to 2012, Garrard ends up in Miami as the starter with Moore the back up and Tannehill waiting in the wings. 

Garrard clearly gives the Dolphins that Pennington type potential to be a competitive force in the AFC.  He first and foremost is a quarterback and he has that “kill” gene that Omar Kelly of the Sun-Sentinel talks about.  Have you seen the games he’s one with Jacksonville?  Game against the Texans with Mike Thomas making a winning touchdown catch.  A run for a first down v. Pittsburgh in the playoffs that showed his toughness.  In addition, Garrard gets rid of the ball quickly and in this new offense, he will thrive in two and three step drops and receivers will benefit in everything he does.  Garrard is a tough QB provided his surgically repaired back holds up…for one season or more. 

Am I shocked?  Not a bit.  Can Garrard lead this season? Yes!!! 

Garrard is the most proven quarterback of all quarterbacks competing for the starting gig. He has playoff experience and has won games.  Hard fought games.  He digs deep. Not to mention, Garrard was picked by Ireland because he’s the model quarterback for this season.  If anyone is going to learn from Garrard it’s Tannehill.  I don’t see Moore fitting this team anymore than McCown did back in 2008. 

Bottomline, it will eventually be Tannehill’s team.  You don’t give a guy 15 million in a signing bonus to have him carry a clipboard!