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Day 2 at Dolphins camp: Offense shines

The Dolphins opened up day 2 of training camp in Davie, Florida with an improvement in offensive execution.

As the team practiced in the bubble, many reporters couldn't tell whether Mike Wallace or Brandon Gibson were getting the ball as they were used in motion frequently, and specifically, Mike Wallace was moved around from the slot to the outside receiver positions.  This early development shows the Dolphins are making that effort early on to disguise what they will be doing to use Wallace and the importance of getting him the ball.

In addition, while Jonathan Martin made some strides today by pancake blocking Olivier Vernon on one play, on a one on one drill, Vernon got the best of him getting a second chance.  Playing against a power rusher like Vernon can only make Martin better.

As far as the offense is concerned, it is becoming clear that Tannehill has developed some early chemistry with tight end Dustin Keller which is a positive step given the loss of Anthony Fasano from free agency.  Keller, if healthy, could be that safety net that Tannehill can rely on in the red zone or on third down.  

Even though, it might be a long shot to see playing time, Michael Egnew made some great catches today, one splitting two defenders.  Egnew has much more to prove and will have an uphill climb given he is buried on the depth chart.

Rookies for Miami came out and made the most of their opportunities.  Dion Sims, made some acrobatic and critical catches to continue to impress and looked agile given his size.  Sims could be that number two guy and can block as well at the tight end position.  Mike Gilislee, running back, had some smooth runs and bounced one to the outside.  

Lastly, Ryan Tannehill had a much better day completing passes more consistently and looked more in synch with his receivers.  Tannehill is the key component to getting this team winning, but more importantly it is his job as leader and leading by example that will put this team over the top.

How did Ryan Tannehill conclude his practice?  He did extra work on throwing with a receiver…after signing autographs of course.

Have a great day and join us here at Phins Phocus for the latest on training camp developments!