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Despite strong start, the Dolphins have work to do during the bye week

500 %, while some fans will complain that this team could be 5-1 at the bye the fact is that they are not. There is still plenty to be happy about with the Dolphins 3-3 record. The Dolphins are starting to come together, the defense is playing at a very high level, and Ryan Tannehill’s passer rating has now gone up in t 3 consecutive games and the Dolphins are coming off back to back wins against teams with winning records.

That’s not the only positive news, the Dolphins are also currently in a 4 way tie for first place of the AFC East, while the Dolphins are currently behind the Jets because of their divisional lost, the Phins will get a chance to get a Revis and Holmesless Jets team after the bye to even up the series.

Things are off to an encouraging start in Miami for sure but there is still a significant amount of work to do in Miami this bye week.

Find the mojo that has disappeared in the running game

The Dolphins started the season as one of the best running teams in the NFL; the running game was a great friend to rookie QB Ryan Tannehill and took a lot of pressure off the kid. The running game also opens up play action something that Tannehill has had early success with. Reggie Bush has been pretty banged up of late; the rest should do Reggie well.

I have faith the Dolphins should be able to clean up their running game, however they will need to clean up their offensive line play, especially John Jerry’s whose play has dropped a little.

Somehow finding a 3rd option

While I admit some Dolphins fans including myself are probably holding out too much hope for Jabar Gaffney the fact is the Phins need a 3rd option in the passing game for Ryan Tannehill. While Fasano has been doing what he does best, he is merely a safety blanket and doesn’t really stretch the field. Brian Hartline has had his struggles against elite CB and the Dolphins have gotten very little from their WR3. Hopefully Tannehill can work with the guys and help develop a better relationship with a 3rd guy out there

Rest up


Reggie isn’t the only banged up Dolphins, despite the strong play from the secondary and defense as of late the Dolphins could use Richard Marshall back in the lineup. The Dolphins are projecting him to be back for the Jets game.

Find a way to keep Olivier Vernon hot

Olivier Vernon had somewhat of a breakout game against the Rams with 2 sacks and creating pressure at important parts of the game, hopefully that game will help his confidence and create a little bit of a more consistent pass rush. A little help on the other side of Cam Wake could go a long way for this Dolphins team.

Dan Carpenter getting his act together

Dan Carpenter isn’t going anyways, partly because of his contract and partly because of his successful kicking career prior to this season. Carpenter has a lot of work to do to build himself up to the kicker he use to be. If the Dolphins are going to make any type of playoff push they will need Carpenter to hit important kicks no matter the distance.

Continue to let Ryan Tannehill roll out

Tannehill has been great on the run and worked very well when rolling out. It seems his vision excel’s the second he is sent on a roll out. The Dolphins need to continue to work with Tannehill’s strengths.