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Dion Jordan’s disappointing start

You’re suspended. The words that bring back bad memories to Dolphins fans of a certain fan favorite named Ricky Williams.

Dion Jordan, the 2013 draft pick out of Oregon has barely a tremor of statistics to go with his lofty status as a star defensive end at Oregon.

Today, the Miami Dolphins suspended their second year star who has so much promise attached to his name…on paper that is.

What makes the suspension news so difficult to handle is the mere fact that Jordan is supposed to be a juggernaut of a player. A specialist that teams have to watch for in case he slips past a tackle and takes out the quarterback.

Jordan, by far his best play in 2013 was a near sack of Matt Ryan in the closing seconds of a Dolphins comeback this forcing Ryan to throw an errant pass into the waiting hands of Jimmy Wilson.

Jordan, by most accounts was supposed to be the most improved player on a team with older defensive veterans such as Cam Wake who is playing in the last season of his deal.

To have the Dolphins former first round pick suspended four games is more disappointing at this point in time.

After the news came out, a well respected columnist Andrew Abramson, and favorite of this site pointed out that the Dolphins have “internally” discussed a trade prior to the announcement and ostensibly during the offseason.

What this shows is that Dion Jordan’s days in Miami could be numbered.

Is it time to see what he has or write him off like any other draft bust?

For Dolphins fans, the team will rebound from this suspension news, but getting this news just further infuriates the Dolphins fan base who needs the worm to turn.