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Dismal in Big D

Sucker punched four times. 

Knocked onto the canvas, no rope in sight. 

Blows the head, stomach, and side. 

Double zero, the final knock-out. 

Everything has finally come to an end for the Miami Dolphins and all the Dolfans who believed that 9-7 was a possibility. 

How the Dolphins were going to miraculously pull a Tebow and bring back the franchise, get to the playoffs, and win a Super Bowl at 9-7.  (Tebow is the only explanation I can use right now unless he starts to lose.)

How Tony Sparano would be a cult hero in the streets of Miami as children play in a park and rec center named after him.

How Matt Moore would be the face of the United Way commercials like every QB of yesteryear.

Those were the lofty expectations that surrounded the halls of the Davie headquarters and the mood that swirled the pages of the Herald and Sun Sentinel.

Ok…maybe not the Super Bowl, but Jim Nantz and Phil Sims acknowledged for the first time that this Miami team was a tough bunch of guys that were learning how to win and maybe just maybe they would earn that respect by running the table.

So, what now?  8-8?  8-8 screams Jimmy Johnson’s first season with a win in St. Louis versus a terrible Rams team.  8-8 screams NFC West and not making the playoffs (St. Louis last year). 

8-8 is not what the halls of Davie and the offices of our beloved owner should be focusing on. 

The Dolphins need to now wake up today, realize that everything they fought for was because they themselves pushed the envelope too far.  They pushed the coaches too far about doing it their way only to realize that they fell flat on their face yesterday.  They all tried to be heroes and became goats.

That drive was capped with a Texas Style ground and pound like Emmit Smith once did or Tony Dorsett or anyone before them. 

I am frankly very disappointed and my thanksgiving turkey gave me such indigestion because it was hard to swallow this loss.
This loss was so magnifying because it had such an “I told you so” element from Jerry Jones who knew he lost a good O-line coach and good scout.    (Sparano and Ireland) But never bothered to blink when both Ireland and Sparano were gone to Miami.  Jerry responded clearly with an even better team, a team with talent.

The end of this regime is near and not one Dolfan, Dolphin player, or current scout can change at this moment.

Dismal is the title of this post because we are back in the doldrums of the Dolphins losing ways.