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Do The Dolphins Match Up Well Against Da Oakland Raiders ?

Week 1 has now come and gone and the Dolphins fan base has been left pretty discouraged about the outcome of this season. While the concern is obviously more than warranted, it’s time to sit back and realize there is still a lot of football to be played this season.

The Dolphins played a legitimate Super Bowl contender in the Houston Texans and get a much more realistic test in week 2 in the Oakland Raiders.  Week 1 the Dolphins had to face a fierce defense which is one of the best units in the NFL combined with a offense loaded with firepower at almost all the skill positions and if that wasn’t bad enough the Dolphins have been terribly historically against the Texans.

With that being said the Dolphins are in for a much different situation when facing the Raiders, the Phins are currently riding a 3 game winning streak against the Raiders dating back to 2008, and have won the past 6 of 7 battles against Raider nation.

The Raiders are coming off a shorter week playing the late MNF game to open the season and looking pretty unimpressive in their opener.

Raiders have a strong defensive line and could have a nice afternoon getting to the QB but their secondary is one to be left desired and could present opportunities for rookie QB Ryan Tannehill. Tannehill should find a couple of holes in the defense and if he could get ANY help from WR’s could have a nice game to help build his confidence.

The Raiders offense also does not compare to the Texans, as the Raiders don’t have the same strength on the outside and it was clear in week 1 Carson Palmer does not really trust his receivers. The Raiders also aren’t strong at tight end a position the Dolphins always struggle with.


Week 2 should be a real test for this Dolphins team as a good matchup and home opener could be an opportunity for this team’s first win. If the Dolphins can manage to get to 1-1 perspective changes a lit and we take one step at a time, however if the Dolphins lose the game it might be hand over face time in Miami.