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Do the Dolphins need to draft a QB?

While the consensus of several Dolphins fans is clear, Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel ignited a firestorm with his first round Mock pick of quarterback Blake Bortles.

All over Twitter, Dolphins fans were yukking it up about the far-fetched prediction, from an antagonist Dolphins beat writer, one who’s not afraid to dish out the criticism of the franchise, especially at quarterback.

Kelly on Twitter called quarterback for Miami (namely Ryan Tannehill) just “fine” for Miami.

However, the Dolphins really should at least look at the possibility of drafting a quarterback in the first three rounds.  While Ryan Tannehill improved from 2012 to 2013 in various categories, by no means is he elite.  Surely he had the same vanilla offense that Mike Sherman engineered at Texas A&M which gave him a leg up versus Matt Moore and fragile David Garrard, but that was it.  The circumstances surrounding Tannehill being called the starter was one, being picked 8th in the draft and two his familiarity with then offensive coordinator Mike Sherman.  Consistency has been the knock on Tannehill as his lack of pocket presence, ability to sense pressure from the blind side, and ability to finish games.  We know this as Dolphins fans especially if we saw every single snap with a make-shift offensive line and inconsistent play by Dolphins receivers.

However, here’s were the rationale of Kelly’s approach to the draft rings true: the Dolphins new GM, Dennis Hickey might not be satisfied with having just Tannehill and might want to make his own mark with a QB he can sell a coach next offseason.  Let’s remember, Hickey has what amounts to a win or else deal from all indications.  However, Hickey, provided he makes a bold move and drafts what some people are considering an elite quarterback in Blake Bortles, it will endear him to his owner Stephen Ross who would love a splashy new quarterback that can single handedly change a game with one deep throw to Mike Wallace.

As Dolphins we can all relax, that is until the Dolphins pick 19th this Thursday, where anything can happen and Thursday could be met with an “I told you so” from the Sun-Sentinel’s own Omar Kelly.