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Do the Dolphins possess a clutch gene?



It seems like ages ago, but the Miami Dolphins haven't won comeback game in the 4th quarter this season.  Last night, Ryan Tannehill held the spotlight with two chances, more than most quarterbacks get,  to conduct a flawless 2 minute drill and send the Dolphins back to .500 and steal a game up in cold Buffalo.  A game that it appeared seemed winnable from the outset facing a 30th ranked defense versus the run and a disappointment amongst all Bills fans.

However, given these two chances, the Dolphins failed to come back and win this game.  Ryan Tannehill failed to win the game, by throwing two interceptions on poorly executed plays. Never mind receivers not being fast or elusive enough, but the blame lands directly on the man with the keys to the offense, Ryan Tannehill, the so-called franchise quarterback. 

So when exactly was the last comeback win for Miami? 

Just last season in meaningless week 17 contest, quarterback Matt Moore drove 97 yards versus the New York Jets to knock them out of the playoff race.  He capped it with a touchdown to tight end Charles Clay.  Does this mean Matt Moore should get a chance to start?  Who knows!  However, Tannehill is the quarterback despite his combined total of 10 turnovers.  Certainly, coach Joe Philbin might have a number in mind as far as how much this rookie quarterback can handle.  Surely, Joe Philbin knows what he can do, but without this litmus test of his failings, it's up to Tannehill to show he can be the man in Miami for years to come.

Even with last night, things appeared to begin clicking in the 4th quarter.  The rythm that Ryan Tannehill seemed to have in earlier season victories seemed to be flowing and the Dolphins seemed to make big play after play. 

However, after the defense busted their behinds stopping the Bills offense cold, the Dolphins had to drive 99 yards to win the game. 

In the end it proved too much.  In the end asking Tannehill to win proved to overwhelming for the rookie.

This season, as it appears has proved way too much for Ryan Tannehill.  Not from a play calling standpoint, but more so from a trust and execution standpoint.  He doesn't show much conviction on his throws to his teammates and often falls off the mark in his accuracy.

He has been given opportunities to lead the Dolphins back against Buffalo, versus the Jets at home, versus the Cardinals in overtime, and against the Colts.

Thus far, there seems to be absence of the clutch or “kill” gene that so many South Florida sports writers have alluded to.  Tannehill has yet to prove he can be like the Miami QB who played 17 seasons for the Dolphins, in Dan Marino.

If Tannehill is given the opportunity to show he can be clutch, he better be clutch and show why this franchise drafted him 8th instead of taking a quarterback later.

The honeymoon is over and the praising is over until Tannehill gets his act together and brings back the essence of a Marino type player and leads the Dolphins to clutch victories.  In the NFL, anything can happen in the 4th quarter, but last night, Tannehill and the Dolphins fell short.

For fans, it’s the adage of “Same Ole’ Dolphins,” which was certainly heard from all parts of the world…especially on Twitter.