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Do you know your enemy : Q & A with Total Titans blogger



The Dolphins are 4-4 coming off a tough loss and having to regroup quickly. This week they face a Titan team that got its ass handed to them by the Bears last week. These AFC games are very important for the Dolphins as their conference record might be a factor in a playoff race. That being said we have decided to do a little Q & A with Bloguins Total Titans blogger Andrew Strickert.


1) Locker or Matty H, who would you rather face if you were the Dolphins ? 

Personally, I'd rather face Locker at this time.  Although he has a better arm than Hasselbeck, he only has four NFL starts, plus he ought to be rusty after being sidelined since Week 4.


2) Has CJ2K really lost it, or he can regain his form ?

A lot of us thought he had lost it but he did rush for 195 yards against the Bills (not a very good defense vs the run and most of the credit for his big game goes to Tennessee's o-line) and he rushed for 141 yards against the Bears (his 80-yard TD was with their starters on the bench in garbage time.)  CJ still seems to have most of his speed and can still be dangerous, especially when he's not facing the strongest competition. 


3) What the heck happened to the Titans ?

The offense has problems scoring but the defense is even worse.  They're the 32nd-ranked scoring defense and are on pace to set the all-time record for points allowed.  The Titans defense is a cure for whatever ails an opposing offense.  The defense can't stop the run but they make up for it by not stopping the pass either.  It would be best for the team if both coordinators were replaced but since Mike Munchak hired them, I don't know if he'd fire them after only two years, unless he was forced to.  Owner Bud Adams wasn't a happy camper after last week's 51-20 embarrassment and said jobs would be on the line, so maybe we'll see some changes in the offseason.


If you're interested in specifics, the main culprits are – on offense, "playmakers" aren't making plays and the o-line has problems run-blocking.  On defense, the Titans don't have much of a pass rush and the safety play has been shoddy.  On both sides of the ball the play-calling has been poor and the coordinators don't seem to be able to make adjustments.


4) Do the Dolphins scare you or do you still see them as that 6-10 team from last year ?

When you have the worst defense in the league, every team scares you, especially ones that put 11 players on the field and use their tight end on occasion.  I look at the 2012 Dolphins differently than I do last year's edition, and a team that can score 30+ points on Tennessee.