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Dolphin-lusions of Grandeur

Hello Dolfans,

It’s been awhile.  While I have been busy writing for my real life job as a grad student, I have been pondering what to write here as an amateur blogger.

For this blog tonight I will cut to the chase and give you three reasons why we as Dolfans are being duped: The Dolphins have won 3 in a row, the defense is living up to it’s billing as a top 5 defense, and lastly the play of Matt Moore has been Pennington-esque. 

First, the Dolphins are 3-7.  The Dolphins are 3-7 with a mish-mash of pieces that barely fit in the first seven games, but all of a sudden they look like they are playing like they are 7-3.  Are the Dolphins 7-3?  Hardly.  Yes they beat the Chiefs, Redskins, and Bills, but the Chiefs win was probably the most significant because they had won four in a row leading up to the game v. the Dolphins. 

Second, the recipe has worked the past three weeks of scoring in the first quarter and forcing turnovers.  Isn’t this the way that good teams play?  How come the Dolphins didn’t force turnovers after the Browns game?  Why? 

Third, the Miami Dolphins have a QB that has now thrown 7 TDs to 4 INTS.  That is classified as Pennington-esque because of the accuracy.  Matt Moore has been on fire.  Resilient, but not consistent.  No TDs last week in a win.  3 TDs v. Chiefs the week before and then 3 TDs today. 

In the 2nd half, Matt Moore did not throw much.  However, he didn’t connect with many receivers and it’s not like the Dolphins advanced the ball.  With the exception of a near fumble that was reversed by the replay officials, the only big play in the second half was the blocked punt for a TD by Lex Hilliard, courtesy of Chris Clemons the new Special Teams ace. 

So, I won’t argue that the Dolphins wins have been pleasantly surprising…but where does the buck stop? 

It stops at Steve Ross’ office in Manhattan. 

Ross sees every game.  He wants Sparano to win every game left.  Ross wants attendance to rise in the closing weeks of the season.  He wants to make good on his investment.

Sparano is no longer embattled at 9-7 hypothetically, but he is not in the playoffs unless something strange happens.  Marty Schottenheimer while in San Diego was canned after losing in the playoffs after earning a bye and lost to New England.

Ross will fire Sparano because Ross watches the 49ers.  He watches what Jim Harbaugh did with a makeshift offensive line, a draft bust QB in Alex Smith, and lastly Ross sees what a good defense looks like and how that model has consistently worked for the 49ers who are now 9-1.

So, what will the Dolphins do at the end of the season after the Dolphins are 5-11 or 9-7?  Mark my word, someone will be fired.  Either Ross fires Ireland and hires Peterson to be the head Czar in Miami to hire a coach and GM, or Sparano miraculously keeps his job. 

All I know is when the Dolphins win, it makes Ross look darn good because he’s been faithful to Sparano up until the end of the season.  That’s when it’s easier to relieve Sparano for his coaching duty.  That’s when it’s easier to cut the chord that has crippled the Dolphins with the same recipe for disaster the past decade.  Make-shift team building and no franchise QB.